About Amanda jameson

Amanda Jameson is an abstract artist currently located in New York City.

I've been an artist my entire life. Despite a love and natural talent for fine art, I spent more than 10 years finding success on the corporate end of the fashion industry, almost entirely abandoning art all together. In 2013, that passion was rediscovered during one of the most stressful, anxiety ridden, high pressure points of my career. What began as an escape from the daily pressures of my professional life, quickly blossomed into a rediscovery of my true passion and purpose. I am inspired by everything around me, both natural and material - nature, animals, people, music, love, the universe. After all, we are all made of stars...

After an enormous amount of encouragement, love, and support from my closest family and friends, I've decided to finally launch a site where you can buy my artwork, commission your own pieces, or just check out my work and find inspiration.

While there may be many pieces in a series, each one is an original hand painted work, and there are no exact duplications or prints unless otherwise noted. Custom orders and commissions are available and can be discussed by contacting me directly. While the majority of my work is done on canvas, wood, and paper, custom painting of fabric, leather, fashion accessories, home textiles, furniture, etc. is available and subject to market pricing. All pieces are imagined, created, assembled, and shipped from New York City. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my work. I hope it can help to bring inspiration, joy and peace to your day.

Amanda Jameson
Peace. Love. Art.